My Male Best Friend

A male bestie is a guy who is your Boy-friend but more Male bestie is someone who is there for you like a brother someone who supports and understand you. someone who doesn’t judge you by your past, someone who is there for you even when the situation is bad.

someone who comforts and treat you like a sister someone who respect you someone you can talk to and get best advises

some you calls you pet name. someone who offers you a shoulder to cry on when you’re sad, someone who can advice you about guys because he is a Guy, someone who is not afraid to tell you when you’re wrong.

someone who understand your pain. someone who doesn’t get tired of listening and supporting you. someone who is there when you need him. someone who makes you happy makes you smile when you’re sad or in pain. Your best Buddy.

That’s a Male bestie for you stop judging them for having Male bestie while they are in relationship….it does not mean that all male bestie are evil….the mean alot to the female but i did not tell the females not to be careful but wipe your minds from evil thought because its not everything you see that is always right…Always remember that….be very careful with your thinking….

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